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A right-wing anti-Orban candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission

Alexander Stubb in Strasbourg on 2 October.

Former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb aims to become the EPP leader for the European elections.

He does not hesitate to say: “On values, either we are with us or we are elsewhere. If we do not find a solution, the Fidesz [party of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban] must leave the European People’s Party. In formalizing his candidacy for leading the European right on Tuesday (October 2nd) in Strasbourg, former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb immediately positioned himself as an internal opponent of the ultraconservative Hungarian prime minister, whose drifting European People’s Party (EPP) for several months.

“Why apply? Because European values ​​are currently being attacked from outside and inside . From the United States, Russia, Poland, Italy, and also by Hungary “, defended this former leader of the Finnish conservatives. “We have to look for pro-European solutions, I do not think that fear and hatred lead us somewhere. I will fight against populism, “he insisted, referring to the political situation in Italy, where the far right is taking part in power.

If no other candidate comes forward by 17 October, Stubb will face Germany’s Manfred Weber at the EPP Congress in early November in Helsinki to become the leader of the main European party ahead of next May’s European elections . The EPP MEPs then hope that their “Spitzenkandidat”, as the European jargon designates this role, become the president of the next Commission in case of victory of their party, even if this principle is contested by several heads of state and government . Mr Weber, less threatening to Viktor Orban, is clearly a favorite.

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