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Alsace still has not digested its integration in the East

Jean Rottner after his election as head of the Grand Est region, October 20, 2017 in Metz

A large part of local elected representatives, like a powerful associative network, advocate for the establishment of a special status community.

On most vehicles that drive in the Bas-Rhin or Haut-Rhin, the coat of arms of Alsace continues to appear on the license plates, instead of the mention “Grand Est”: discrete but visible manifestation of the rejection that arouses the merger, since 1 January 2016, of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne. An IFOP survey conducted in February 2018 for the Club Perspectives Alsaciennes showed that 83% of respondents wanted Alsace to regain a status of territorial collectivity and 67% that it comes out of the Grand-Est (survey carried out with a sample of 1,002 people).

Olivier Becht, deputy (UDI, Agir and independent) of the Haut-Rhin, does not mince words. “We are in a tight schedule, with the culmination of the departmental and regional elections of 2021,” notes the former classmate Emmanuel Macron at ENA. “If there is no Alsace collectivity at that time, Jean Rottner [the president (LR) of the Grand Est region] will be swept away, the region will switch to the far right and the two departments to the autonomists . To escape the hecatomb, it is necessary that the community is created on January 1, 2020 “, continues the elected one.

Disaster scenario? Not so sure. Even if, for Jean Rottner, “those who waved the threat of elections play to frighten themselves”. Anyway, the countdown is on. Whatever the solution chosen (merger of the two departments, which seems rather to have the favors of the executive at this stage, or community with special status, defended by the two presidents of county councils, a large part of elected officials and an associative movement very advanced in this mobilization), legislative and regulatory deadlines are extremely tight.

After the failure of the 2013 referendum on the merger of the Regional Council of Alsace with the two departments .

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