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Bruno Julliard, first deputy mayor of Paris, resigns

Bruno Juillard, in his office of the City Hall of Paris, September 13th.

“I hope that my departure will give a start. In an interview with Le Monde, Bruno Julliard criticizes Anne Hidalgo’s choices and method.

The first deputy and assistant to the culture to the mayor of Paris, Bruno Julliard, decided to leave his functions, having matured his decision during all the summer. He announced his choice to Anne Hidalgo, Monday, September 17, in the morning. The one who was his spokesperson for the municipal elections of 2014 also declined the proposal of the mayor to become its campaign director for the next elections of 2020. He criticizes the “inconstancy” of the city council, as well as a management ineffective and lonely.

What are the reasons that lead you to leave your job?

Bruno Julliard: It’s a painful choice, taken in conscience. For several months, sharp policy disagreements and methods of governance have kept us away. Anne Hidalgo proposed to me to take the lead of her campaign in view of the municipal elections of 2020. I took this summer, the time for reflection before announcing this morning that I declined his proposal. My resignation is the logical consequence of this decision. Instead of opening up and engaging in dialogue with the Parisians to overcome the current difficulties, it is the retreat to the City Hall and the denial on its part that have all too often won. The recovery would require inflections that I can not manage to lead, not even to suggest. Our initial complementarity has become an incompatibility. I do not believe it anymore. I do not want to pretend.

Is not your departure a betrayal?

For four years I believe I have shown total loyalty to the Mayor of Paris. I always made sure to make my reservations face to face or at work meetings, never publicly. I arrived at the end of the exercise. By my departure, and this act of sincerity, I hope to provoke a necessary electroshock, useful to the left and to the progressive and ecologist camp.

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