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Edouard Philippe on the PMA: “I think we can go there”

Edouard Philippe, during the “Political Emission”, on September 27th.

During “The Political Emission” on Thursday, the Prime Minister showed his support for medically assisted procreation for all women.

It was known that Emmanuel Macron was in favor of it. It was one of his campaign promises. Since the start of the school year, several ministers – including the Secretary of State in charge of digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, the spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, or the Minister in charge of relations with Parliament , Christophe Castaner – also expressed their desire that assisted procreation (PMA) be open to single women or couples with another woman. Thursday, September 27, Edouard Philippe joined the concert of his colleagues and gave the green light to the PMA for all. “I am, personally, rather favorable and I think we can go,” said the Prime Minister, invited to “The Political Emission” on France 2. Moderate support, but support anyway .

Before entering Matignon, the former mayor of Le Havre, from the right-wing Juppéist, was opposed to the PMA for all. In February 2013, when France was tearing up on marriage for all, he had also co-signed a platform with Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet to explain his refusal to any development in this direction. A year ago almost to the day, while participating for the first time in “The Political Emission”, he was less categorical: “I do not believe there is a right to child, had then explained the prime minister, but I think one can ask the question of whether women, as a couple, or unmarried can resort to the PMA. ”

“Monstrously complex” issues

Thursday evening, Edouard Philippe explained to have “evolved” on the subject after having “met a certain number of women” and consulted the work led by the National Consultative Committee of ethics (CCNE), which gave Tuesday a favorable opinion. Asked about the possibility of reimbursement by the Social Security of the PMA extended to all women, …

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