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“Europe must impose more accountability and fair rules on the digital giants”

Several European ministers, including Monika Grütters (Germany) and Françoise Nyssen (France), call on the European Parliament to vote in favor of the Copyright Directive in a “World” forum.

“Cultural and creative industries account for 4.2% of European GDP
and more than 7 million jobs “(View of the European Parliament).

Tribune. Three months after the adoption of a compromise text in the Council, the negotiation of the draft directive on copyright is entering a decisive phase on the eve of a new vote in the European Parliament.

We, European Ministers of Culture, hope that this decisive negotiation for the future of cultural diversity and media pluralism in Europe will continue serenely. We hope that future discussions will lead to appropriate compromises, reflecting a fair balance between the various interests involved, while retaining the essence of the reform.

We fully recognize that the ongoing discussion on copyright questions our expectations of the European Union, as well as the ability of the Europe of tomorrow to defend its collective interests and values in the world. digital environment.

A unique opportunity for cultural diversity in Europe

The cultural and creative industries, which account for 4.2% of European GDP and more than 7 million jobs, reflect the extraordinary talent and creativity of artists and companies on our continent.

Equity and cultural diversity at the heart of copyright reform: this is our vision for Europe

With copyright reform, creators, businesses and the public should benefit from a more balanced legal framework in order to achieve a better digital market. We should not consent to a world where a handful of multinational companies capture most of the value generated by works created by others in the digital environment.

Also, new rules are needed so that more works are available online and that copyright can be effectively used as a basis for fair remuneration of creators and publishers .

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