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Extreme right: the ideological “big turnaround”

Analysis. Through chroniclers like Eric Zemmour and carried by a deeper movement, the extreme right has imposed itself in the battle of ideas by advancing an illiberal and anti-68 thinking explains the head of the service Debates to the “World” Nicolas Truong


Analysis. A big shift has been taking place in recent years on the stage of ideas. An ideological landslide intended to prepare a political reversal. For the illiberal counterrevolution does not only take place during electoral insurrections. It also settles on the ground of thought. The extreme right has thus imposed itself in the battle of ideas, and the “anti-68 thought,” as the philosopher Serge Audier says, holds the upper hand. “The wind is blowing on the right,” says philosopher Elisabeth Badinter, alerted by anti-abortion movements and those from La Manif for all, gathered in “the holy alliance of reactionaries” (Le Monde dated April 13, 2018).

This big change takes the form of a “big reversal”, explains the professor at the College of France Pierre Rosanvallon in Our intellectual and political history – 1968-2018 (Threshold, 448 pages, 22.50 euros). A reversal of the values ​​of progressivism based on an “integral anti-liberalism” (the extension of the rights of the individual is associated with the reign of the limitlessness of consumerist individualism), an offensive focused on “the exaltation of a essentialized people “necessarily despised by the elite, a conceptual guerrilla turned to an obsessive critique of the” repelling event “that became May 68, not to mention a” radicalization of dislikes “dominated by a hypertrophy of language – by which we assimilate blatantly liberalism or pedagogy to “totalitarianism”. From Maurras to Gramsci, the references of these reactionary pamphleteers mix Royalist Catholics as well as revolutionary Communists.

Exceeding cleavages and uses

This is why we can hear in this literature “a right-wing thought in a language of the left”, …

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