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Faced with difficulties, Emmanuel Macron makes his mea-culpa

Emmanuel Macron, in Guava, Guadeloupe, September 28th.

Having become arrogant in the eyes of the French and unpopular, the President of the Republic has decided to change.

But what happens to Emmanuel Macron? The President of the Republic, who seemed so sure of himself so far, had accustomed the French to another register, more vertical, Jupiterian. “Help me,” he said, live from the West Indies, Thursday, September 27, “I need you, journalists, population, elected” to explain the action of the executive. A call for help whose head of state, to whom everything seemed to succeed a short time ago, is not customary. No more than it is an apology, which he however sketched the same day, in an interview broadcast on the show “Daily” on TMC, recognizing that the expression “Gaulic refractory to change” was a ” error “.

“There is tension on the presidential style, we recognize at the Elysee Palace, the only one that can dispel them, it’s him. Transgressive, provocative, Emmanuel Macron’s “speaking true”, which had seduced so much during the presidential campaign and at the beginning of the five-year period, seems to have transformed in recent months, in the eyes of the French, into a disabling arrogance.


In any case, that’s what the polls say. One after the other, they see the popularity of the head of state crumble to now be around 30%. “Emmanuel Macron has damaged the fundamentals of macronism, his image is very degraded,” Judge Brice Teinturier, CEO of Ipsos. And today, even more than pedagogy on its policy, what the French want, according to opinion studies, is a president who listens, less distant, and more open to dialogue.

“In general, when we get less than 30% favorable opinion in the polls, we do not go back. Except cohabitation period or exceptional event. Hollande was back very temporarily after the attacks, Sarkozy a little longer after the financial crisis of 2008 “, …

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