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For Pope Francis, pedophilia scandals make the Church “painful, even irritating”

The pontiff, visiting the Baltic countries, acknowledged that the institution has become difficult to hear for the new generations.

The pedophilia cases are today, for the Catholic Church, a foil that keeps young people away. On the fourth and final day of his visit to the Baltic countries on Tuesday, September 25, Pope Francis made a spectacular statement that looked like mea-culpa towards new generations. In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, a majority of whom declare themselves to be without religion, the pontiff acknowledged that the Catholic Church, which he leads, does not always succeed better than others in transmitting a faith, a vision of sense of the life of which it is the depositary, and that the scandals of sexual abuse are for many in this situation of failure.

Pope Francis, September 25 in Tallinn.

The Roman institution would also have its share of responsibility in this loss of meaning in the “technocratic societies” that François deplores during his speeches and in the slightest “opening to the transcendent” that he diagnosed in November 2014 in the European Parliament .

François made this statement in a country that has a microscopic Catholic community of less than 6,000 members (16% Orthodox and 10% Lutheran), before an assembly of young Christians of different faiths gathered in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Charles, Tallinn. He did so by mentioning the expectations that young people have sent to the Catholic Church during the preparation of the next synod of bishops organized in Rome from 3 to 28 October, which is specifically dedicated to them.

“Some [young people] have the courage to say,” You do not realize that no one is listening to you anymore, or believe you? “[…] They are outraged by the sex and economic scandals, which they do not see clear sentence; the fact of not being able to correctly understand the life and sensitivity of young people because of lack of preparation or simply the passive role attributed to young people within the Christian community. These are just a few …

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