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Francois de Rugy: “We must get out of the religious war on nuclear energy”

In an interview with the “World”, the minister of ecological and solidarity transition rejects conservatism and radicalism, “the two faces of impotence”.

Francois de Rugy at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, September 7th.

The new Minister of Ecology, François de Rugy, says he has “four useful years” to complete the country’s ecological and energy transition.

You have agreed to succeed Nicolas Hulot, a popular minister and recognized for his ecological commitment. How do you plan to succeed where he says he failed?

I am aware that this is not an easy ministry. It covers very varied fields with big files like transports, the energy or the sea. It seems important to me that it kept the same perimeter to have all these levers of action. We are confronted with many transformations that are difficult to lead, because there are resistances, oppositions, conservatisms, lobbies. There may be feeling, and it was the case I believe for my predecessor, of being alone against all.

The president and the Prime Minister asked me to take on that responsibility, knowing that I was not a candidate. It is a mission ministry, I have nearly four useful years in front of me. My belief is that you can get results with determination, with method. Ecology is, for me, the commitment of a life.

Do you consider that Nicolas Hulot has lacked patience and that you will succeed, by giving yourself the time to carry out these transformations?

From the beginning, Nicolas Hulot considered that it would be for a short time. I had told him several times to register in the long term. He made another choice. But he has a record. It has adopted a climate plan, which includes, for example, the accelerated closure of coal-fired power plants. He has implemented with the Ministry of Economy and Finance – proof that we can work with him – the conversion bonus, which encourages households, especially those with low incomes, to acquire vehicles …

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