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In Iraq, the Parliament elects its new president and starts a way out of crisis

Iraq has a proportional system that aims to prevent any return to dictatorship after Saddam Hussein.

This vote paves the way for the formation of a government, more than four months after the parliamentary elections.

The Iraqi Parliament elected to its presidency, Saturday, September 15, the candidate supported by the pro-Iran list. While the country is paralyzed since the May legislative elections, this vote will concretize the alliances that have formed in the Assembly and pave the way for the formation of a government

Iraq has a proportional system, which aims to prevent any return to dictatorship. The lists elected during the legislative elections of May 12th must be grouped into coalitions. The bloc with the most members will be able to appoint a prime minister and preside over the formation of the future government.

The pro-Iran bloc, led by the Hadi Al-Ameri Conquest Alliance – a coalition of anti-jihadist veterans close to Iran – seemed to take the lead with the election of its candidate. His allies could be known in the election later Saturday of the two assistants Mohammed Al-Halboussi.

In a system that traditionally reserves the post of Speaker of Parliament to a Sunni – and his deputies to a Shiite and a Kurdish – from President of the Republic to a Kurdish and prime minister, who actually exercises executive power, to a Shiite, the dealings are all related. And list coalitions, all of which are trying to bring together Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to form the largest group, must agree to elect candidates for these three positions.

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