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In the Assembly, the battle of the LRM group turns to the war of the ego

In the National Assembly, September 12th.

No less than ten candidates vie for the succession of Richard Ferrand at the head of the deputies The Republic en marche. The vote will take place on Tuesday, 18 September.

“Everyone is talking about this,” slips a member of the Republic on the march (LRM). In recent days, the LRM group in the National Assembly lives in a state of boiling that was hardly known, while its members will have to appoint a successor Richard Ferrand, who has just been elected perch.

At the end of the submission of applications, Thursday, September 13 at 8 pm, there were ten on the starting line. The list of contenders contains figures of the weight of the majority: two chairmen (Brigitte Bourguignon and Roland Lescure), a vice-president of the group (Gilles Le Gendre), young faces who emerged politically in the first year ( Amelie de Montchalin and Gabriel Attal) but also figures of civil society put forward by Emmanuel Macron during his campaign (Laetitia Avia and Bruno Bonnell). The cast also includes some “surprises”, in the words – polite – used by their colleagues to designate more anonymous candidates (Perrine Goulet, Jean-Charles Colas-Roy and Remy Rebeyrotte).

They could be fewer, Tuesday, September 18, in the election that will separate, if withdrawals were drawn over the weekend. But, at this stage, the multiplication of the candidatures says a lot about the greed which aroused the seat left empty by Richard Ferrand. “Wait, I’m looking at my e-mails to see if there is a new candidacy”, we heard, Thursday, September 13, around the Assembly, where the LRM MPs watched the new statements with a mixture of excitement and mockery.

Target of all frustrations

Many elected officials, moreover, recognize without difficulty having thought of presenting themselves. “Someone asked me if I went, so I asked the question! Says one of them. “Since it’s the sausage party, why not be another sausage? “, Summarizes a member more trivially .

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