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Job cuts: the Sports Ministry signs its “self-destruction”

Philippe Bana, national technical director of the French handball, violently criticizes the will of the Ministry of the Sports to remove 1,600 posts by 2022.

“Do you imagine ensuring the safety of the French with half the forces of the order? Or education with half less professors?” Philippe Bana, national technical director of the French Handball Federation for 18 years but also president of the association of DTN, expressed Sunday on Franceinfo his deep anger at the announcement of a withdrawal of 1,600 positions in the Ministry Sports by 2022. An appointment with the new minister Roxana Maracineanu is scheduled Monday morning. The latter evoked Sunday a “brutal announcement”, and promises “solutions”.

At less than four years of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, Philippe Bana speaks of a decision “surreal”, “pitiful” and “incomprehensible”, recalling that it would simply remove. more than half positions, with serious consequences for “the job of training, education and high-level training”.

franceinfo: you mentioned in the newspaper L’Equipe, a “Saint-Barthélemy of sport”, this formula is not it a bit excessive?

It’s like saying you’re going to be safe with half the police, or education with half the teachers. There is something surreal about it. Why this disappearance when we talk about sports-health, as we head for the Olympics? These people, it is Franck Champigny who trains Teddy Riner, it is Didier Dinart [coach of the French team of handball], it is Olivier Krumbholz [coach of the French women team], it is all the trainers, if only handball, all those who train the 20 000 coaches throughout France in all the small clubs.

Is it a paradox to ask the smallest department, which has between 3,000 and 4,000 agents, to make the biggest effort?

It is 0.13% of the state budget, the payroll of the agents we are talking about, it must be 0.02% of the overall budget. Why do we do this to the sports federations who do all the work of training, education, high-level training, who basically do the job for the state?

Very concretely, for the French Handball Federation, what would be the daily impact of these budget cuts?

It would be all the supervision of the teams of France that would disappear, it would be all the trainers who take care of the kids, who go to look for them, who educate them in the hope poles, this factory to champion who made all these medals in the French hand, it would be those who make the mini handball, baby handball, those who drive the regional technical teams, the trainers of executives, those who teach, those who educate.

Is this a sign that despite the games of 2024 in Paris, the executive is ultimately not interested in sport?

What is the sign sent to the sports federations and the French? Sport is a factor of health, a factor of education, a factor of performance, it is the influence of France, and we pass a guillotine on it. There is something incomprehensible that we will see Monday morning the Minister of Sports, to try to fight, and then we will see the services of the Prime Minister and the Elysee to understand why they do that.

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