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Macron at the risk of arrogance

The head of state regularly triggers polemics, sometimes blurring his message and fueling accusations of “class contempt”.

It was a strength, it became a weakness. Adept at “speaking truth”, as he calls these short sentences that regularly make headlines, Emmanuel Macron once again distinguished himself on Saturday, September 15, during Heritage Days. Arrested in the gardens of the Elysee by a young horticulturist unemployed, who complained of not having work, the head of state advised him to “cross the street” to find.

Emmanuel Macron arrested in the gardens of the Elysée by a young horticulturist unemployed, September 15.

“If you’re ready and motivated, in the hotel business, coffee, catering, in the building, there is not a place where I go, where they do not tell me they are looking for people. Not one ! “, Pleaded Mr. Macron. “I cross the street, I find you” work, he added, advising his interlocutor not to talk to him but rather to go to Montparnasse to explore cafes and restaurants.

Filmed by a camera, the exchange immediately ignited social networks and the opposition, which denounced a “class contempt”. “Macron is inviting six million people to cross the street to get a job. For him, the unemployed are guilty of their unemployment. Where does this man live? Who has ever insulted the French in distress? The following day on Twitter, the leader of La France rebellious, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “It is necessary that [Macron] stops to behave like a young liberal activist exalted,” added former socialist presidential candidate Benoît Hamon, Monday, on France Inter.

Even on the right, where the motivation of the unemployed to find work is regularly open to debate, the outcry was almost unanimous. “Emmanuel Macron is weak vis-à-vis the powerful, rich, and always arrogant vis-à-vis the more modest,” criticized the sovereignist and MP for Essonne Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Monday, Franceinfo. “..

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