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New Caledonia: Laurent Wauquiez is invited to the referendum

Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Republicans at the party departmental federation the Republicans of Haute-Loire, August 27

While visiting New Caledonia, the president of the Republicans promised “the apocalypse” in case of victory of the separatists.

Southern side for Laurent Wauquiez, who completed Thursday, September 13, a five-day visit to New Caledonia. 18,000 kilometers from Paris, the head of the party Republicans refused to comment on the metropolitan news and “the agitations of small chapels with visions in the very short term.” His travel companion, MP Eric Ciotti, swept the internal disputes to the right.

“New Caledonia is much more important,” Dismissed Mr. Wauquiez, “come to listen and understand” a few weeks of the November 4 independence referendum. “No national party president bothered to come, whereas for our political family it was obvious,” he said. The key word of his journey, which led him from nickel mines to the agricultural plains of the west coast with an overview of the entire local chessboard, was that of a “clear, massive and unambiguous no To the question that will be put to the Caledonians: “Do you want New Caledonia to attain full sovereignty and become independent? ”

“My word is clear, it is that of a French Caledonia, a Caledonia who chooses his way, his way, his autonomy, but in the heart of France,” said Mr. Wauquiez about this election ” history “which takes place at the end of the agreement of Noumea (1998), road map of the gradual decolonization of the archipelago. “It will be necessary to ensure that the voice that will be expressed is heard, there will be a before and after,” he warned.

“Silence of Emmanuel Macron”

Promising the “apocalypse” in case of independence before an assembly of young Republicans, he also insisted on “the impossibility of backtracking if the yes prevails”, waving the red cloth of Vanuatu, former French condominium British close, independent …

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