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Numerus clausus: “The transformation of the system is not so simple”

Antoine Pelissolo, a psychiatrist and professor of medicine at the University Paris-Est-Créteil, believes, in a forum in the “World”, that we must distinguish the qualitative objectives of the quantitative question of the training of doctors.

“Most medical schools have already reached their saturation level with current student numbers” (The Faculty of Medicine at Paris Descartes University)

Tribune. That it is necessary to review the conditions of entry into medical studies is obvious, to finish with a chopper competition pushing to an extreme cramming and terribly stressful for young students often brilliant. Not to mention the aberration of the private pharmacies of preparation, which only increase the cost and the duration of the studies. The selection criteria must be revisited, to make more room for human qualities, individual projects and diversity in the broad sense of the term, focusing on learning that will be useful for the rest of the curriculum.

But it seems to me that these qualitative objectives are really to be differentiated from the quantitative question of the numerus clausus, that is to say of the national regulation of the number of trained doctors. Some current discussions, however, combine, in the same problematic, the selection in first year common to health studies (Paces) and medical demography, with in the background the issue of medical deserts.

Certainly the very low numerus clausus that we have known for more than fifteen years has led to a deleterious reduction in the number of practitioners, which must now be increased, but this factor is far from being the only explanation for the lack of doctors in the outstanding territories.

The low attractiveness of certain methods of exercise and the obstacles to mobility and installation will continue to exist, regardless of the number of students, if nothing is improved in the training and especially in the working conditions of the students. doctors. On the contrary, an excessive and rapid increase in the number of students could seriously degrade their training because, in the current reality, it is doubtful that the universities see their means increase to the extent of these new needs.

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Most medical schools have already reached their level of .

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