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Pope Francis defends Fernando Karadima from the clerical status

This decision comes eight years after the condemnation of the Chilean priest to a life of prayer and penance for being guilty of “abuse of minors”.

Pope Francis has dismissed the 79-year-old Chilean priest Fernando Karadima from the clerical state, including the decades-old sexual abuse and conscientious abuse of young boys, seminarians and priests in his parish of El Bosque. Santiago, are at the origin of the current crisis of the Chilean clergy. This decision was announced on Friday afternoon, 28 September, by a Vatican statement.

Fernando Karadima at the Supreme Court of Brazil, in November 2015.

The pontiff “made this exceptional decision in conscience and for the good of the Church,” says the bulletin of the press service of the Holy See. It is specified that Francis acted under canon 331, which confers on him in the Church “the ordinary, supreme, full, immediate and universal power which he can always exercise freely”. In other words, it is an act of authority. “We had a very serious case of putrefaction,” said Greg Burke, head of the Vatican press service, “and we had to root out the root. ”

This decision comes eight years after Fernando Karadima was sentenced to a life of prayer and penance for having committed “juvenile abuse”, “offense against the sixth commandment [” you will not commit adultery “]. ] committed with violence “and” abuse in the exercise of priestly ministry “by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, commissioned in the Vatican to judge the sexual abuse of minors committed by clerics. It took four of his victims to resolve to testify on television in 2010, so that the protections that benefited this influential priest in the Chilean bishops eventually give way, after having covered for so long time. Yet the Church had chosen not to defrock it.

When he visited Chile in January, Pope Francis showed how much he did not know, or did not want to know, the reality of the accusations …

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