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Richard Ferrand, the “old world” in Macronie

The MP LRM Finistère was elected, unsurprisingly, President of the National Assembly.

Richard Ferrand, after his election as President of the National Assembly, in Paris, September 12.

It is 1:20 pm, Monday, September 10, when Richard Ferrand appears in front of the congress center of Tours. The deputies of La Republique en marche (LRM) have just designated him as their candidate to succeed François de Rugy at the head of the National Assembly.

The outcome of the vote scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, then makes little doubt. The deputy from Finistere has just been crowned fourth person in the state. The vote of the deputies, with 254 votes in favor of the 484 votes cast, endorsed this choice.

Anyone in his place would have displayed a radiant face in front of the cameras. But he is a tense man who comes to the press. He knows the exercise that awaits him, to justify his election, he who represents none of the canons of macronism: parity, renewal, exemplarity. “You will forgive me for not being a lady”, he says ironically. His sentence provokes an uproar on social networks. The next day, he authorizes another snag to the rules in force in Macronie. In Liberation, he excludes from office if he were to be indicted in the Mutuelles de Bretagne case. “A procedural decision is not intended to decide the exercise of a parliamentary mandate,” he sweeps, while he is still under the influence of a judicial investigation for illegal taking of interests, after a first investigation classified without continuation.

It’s because this case has already ruined his life. In June 2017, it cost him his job in the government when he was forced to leave the territorial cohesion ministry. He has never digested to find himself in the crosshairs of justice for what he sees as a mere “media affair”. “I did not commit anything illegal and immoral,” he said in September 2017. The man has kept revelations of the Duck chained tenacious rancor against .

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