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Sylvain Fort, Macron’s faithful who will have to “demilitarize” relations with the press

Sylvain Fort, in Paris, in May 2017.

Until now in charge of the speeches, he will direct the new communication pole of the Elysee.

Suddenly, his voice goes astray, climbs to the sky, his eyes with it. For an hour and a half, Emmanuel Macron exposes his project to the 15,000 people gathered at the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. But at the end, he starts screaming in a voice we did not know him, out of reach, as if drawn from within himself: “What I want is that you, everywhere you were going to win! Because it’s our project! ”

This December 10, 2016, the novice candidate holds his first big meeting. For his team, it’s the test of fire. Behind the scenes, we meet his young band from the Ministry of Economy and new recruits with less technocratic backgrounds. Like Alexandre Benalla, the young boss of the service of order. Or Sylvain Fort, the communicant cataloged “intellectual right”: an associate normalist of classical letters passed by finance, a passionate opera author of several books praised by connoisseurs.

In front of his television, an opera singer precisely follows the flights of Emmanuel Macron. Baritone Jean-Philippe Lafont has performed at La Scala in Milan and at the Bayreuth Festival. A few days earlier, Sylvain Fort offered to become the vocal coach of his candidate. The meeting is organized at the campaign headquarters the day before the meeting. Lafont advises Macron not to be overwhelmed by the crowd. After his performance, the candidate accepts the “work program” proposed by the singer.

Counselor Speech and Memory

It is also by making itself useful to the key moments of a campaign that, often, one gains his place with the Elysée. On the night of the victory, May 7, 2017, the President of the Republic no longer needs baritone, but Sylvain Fort has once again make himself valuable. What version of the Hymn to Joy to accompany the march of the winner of the presidential through the square courtyard .


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