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The Elysee and the ministers very attentive to the “fiscal loaf”

The disavowal of Christophe Castaner on inheritance taxes shows that the executive no longer wants to offend taxpayers.

For once the party of the majority was force of proposal. Often accused of not enough to live the movement Running Republic (LRM) he directs, Christophe Castaner had yet chosen a very Macronian thematic. On Friday, September 14, during his press conference, the former presidential campaign spokesperson had wanted to lead “a reflection without taboos” on the taxation of inheritance in order to fight against “the progression of inequalities of birth”. Monday, September 17, Emmanuel Macron reframed it without care.

© Julien Muguet for Le Monde, Paris, France September 14, 2018 – Press conference by Christophe Castaner, Delegate General of La Republique En Marche. Paris, France le 14 septembre 2018 – Conférence de presse de Christophe Castaner, Délégué général de La République En Marche.

The president “has formally excluded any change in death duties during the five-year period,” said the Elysee. “Stop annoying retirees,” Emmanuel Macron told his teams on Sunday, recalling that some of them (60%) had already suffered – and little appreciated – the rise of the CSG. The decision to limit the revaluation of pensions to 0.3% in 2019 and 2020 has also not been to their liking. There is no question therefore of touching the taxation which weighs on the transmission of the inheritance or pensions of reversion, continued the head of the State.

Unprecedented drop in popularity rating

There was a time when Emmanuel Macron saw things differently. “If we have a preference for the risk of annuities, which is my case, we should prefer the tax on inheritance tax-type ISF,” said in April 2016, the one who was still Minister of the François Hollande’s economy. A theme in line with the “emancipation” of the French society that the President wants to wear today. In 2017, France Stratégie, then led by Jean Pisani-Ferry, the economist who inspired the program of the candidate of En Marche!, Called for “revising in depth” this tax to fight against “the appearance of a two-speed society “.


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