The executive faces the “united front” of local elected representatives

From left to right, Hervé Morin, Dominique Bussereau and François Baroin, at the ADF, on July 3rd. Christophe Morin / IP3

Edouard Philippe will visit the Congress of Regions of France Thursday. The atmosphere is electric.

There will be sport on the Old Port. The first half will take place Wednesday, September 26, in Marseille, on the occasion of the “gathering of elected officials for local freedoms” jointly organized by the presidents of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), François Baroin, the Assembly of Departments of France (ADF), Dominique Bussereau, and Regions of France, Herve Morin, with attacking advanced the President of the Senate, Gerard Larcher. Second half the next day. While he had not planned to go there, Edouard Philippe will finally intervene Thursday at the opening of the congress of Regions of France. Additional proof, if any, of the concern of the executive face the front of associations of elected officials.

The explanation promises to be rough. The Prime Minister does not hide his desire to fight. He had even proposed to go to the Palais du Pharo as early as Wednesday night to directly engage the debate with what he calls the “refusal front”. “He does not want to say anything,” says his entourage. He is not afraid to defend his point of view. We must finish with double language. ”

In any case, Mr. Philippe, who practices boxing assiduously, will have to hold the guard high. Because the three thieves are not partridges of the year and, for one year, relations have seriously strained. Between the former mayor of Le Havre and the president of the Normandy region, they were already fresh, despite – or because of – geographical proximity. Thus the centrist greets the appointment of his “friend” Matignon an ambiguous tweet: “His boxing talent and his footwork will certainly be useful. The centrist does not deprive himself, however, of lamenting in the local press the “individual approach” of the former deputy of Seine-Maritime: “If Edouard Philippe had the capacity to train dozens of parliamentarians, it is would know, “…

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