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“The idea of a stagnation that is not limited to the only ecological terrain settles down”

In her column, Françoise Fressoz, editorialist at the “World”, underlines the inability of Nicolas Hulot to mobilize the civil society on the ecology to make move the executive.

Nicolas Hulot, during the handover with François de Rugy, to the Ministry of ecological transition and solidarity, September 4.

Chronic. Nicolas Hulot thought himself alone. He was wrong. Saturday, September 8th, an unprecedented mobilization occurred in several cities of France in response to a citizen call relayed by the social networks. The goal of these new-style protesters was to urge the government to immediately commit to the ecological transition with regard to the climate emergency, which was reinforced by a scorching summer.

Many NGO leaders and several members of political parties immediately rejoiced at the burst of civil society, some even stressed the advance made by citizens on their rulers without realizing that it was actually a missed appointment. At the beginning of the summer, the man who was still the minister of the ecological transition and solidarity so able to act, to weigh, to count, had publicly sounded the alarm, but he had met little echo neither at the top of the state nor within the French society. “We are suffering the consequences of climate change, we have been too late,” launched Nicolas Hulot, on August 7, on Europe 1, in full heat wave, before insisting: “We must s’ adapts to climate change. ”

But nothing, no response, no echo, no mobilization, neither in government nor in civil society. The air conditioners had continued to operate at full speed, so that when leaving the government the former host of “Ushuaia” did not attack by name to Emmanuel Macron or Edouard Philippe. He preferred to invoke collective responsibility. “It is the whole of society and I who bear our contradictions. Maybe I did not convince, “he lamented.

The inability of Nicolas Hulot to make live the link between the civil society and the executive, to rely on the requirement of the first to move the second, sign one of the great failures of …

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