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The malaise of the “swamp”, the silent majority of LRM deputies


The choice to propel Richard Ferrand to the perch has awakened elected officials who sometimes struggle to adapt to parliamentary life and the weight of the majority.

Of the French Revolution, history has retained the confrontation of the Girondins and Montagnards. It has less maintained the memory of the “marsh”, those deputies of the National Convention of 1792 who leaned from one camp to another, always more moderate than their illustrious colleagues. The term has yet crossed the political life until the most recent hours of the Socialist Party. “The marsh was the soft belly, the majority of the majority, all those who took refuge in the motion of synthesis,” laughs a macronist good connoisseur of the party of the rose.

The term has come back in recent weeks within the group The Republic en marche (LRM) in the National Assembly. He came to put a word on a silent majority, loyal but tormented by the return to parliament. An informal group who woke up in favor of the game of musical chairs caused by the departure of Nicolas Hulot from the government. To replace François de Rugy, new Minister of Ecology, at the head of the Assembly, the executive has propelled Richard Ferrand. “I blame them for not having taken the measure of the discomfort in which they plunged us,” confides, embarrassed, a member.

The member of Finistère, then head of the LRM group, was the choice of the Elysee. And part of the group has bad experience that it is imposed. “Richard Ferrand makes an excellent president of the assembly but he is a man, and his image is related to a business. This is not the renewal that we advocate, “says this elected.

This “epidermic” reaction and the thirst for parity fueled the enthusiasm around Barbara Pompili’s candidacy for the “first of the walkers”. The former ecologist finally collected 85 votes, almost a third of the group, during the internal vote organized to decide between them. A week later, Mr. Ferrand did not fill the LRM votes during his election as head of the National Assembly. He him…

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