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The PMA, a politically risky dossier for Emmanuel Macron


For months, the president has been working to dispassionate the debate, which followed, in 2013, at the Elysee, the debates on marriage for all.

This is a high risk site for Emmanuel Macron. If the President of the Republic does not intend to reverse his promise to open medically assisted procreation (PMA) to all women, he knows how the subject is politically flammable in a country that, five years ago, was torn on marriage for all. Especially as right-wing opponents – Laurent Wauquiez (Republicans) and Marine Le Pen (National Rally) – decided to make it a fight. And that La Manif for all has already begun to organize demonstrations.

“I am convinced that we can not, on these subjects, seek consensus,” said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Wednesday, September 26, in the National Assembly. But we must seek the most intelligent debate possible, in the sense that we can, I believe, listen to and respect the convictions of others. In the same vein, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, who will defend the text, wanted “a peaceful debate” that “is not hysterical”.

So many wishes (pious?) That say, in hollow, the anxiety of the executive, which knows how much the business is politically risky. As Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee, under the previous five years, Emmanuel Macron attended the birth in pain of the law opening the marriage and adoption for all couples. During the presidential campaign of 2017, the candidate of En marche! had held that the opponents of marriage for all had been “humiliated”. And you had to know how to listen to this “France-là”.

At the Elysee Palace, the president’s entourage also examined the way in which the debate on voluntary abortion (abortion) took place in the mid-1970s, to draw lessons. “Simone Veil had the intelligence not to make it a feminist conquest, but …


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