The Republic in motion poses its conditions to invest its candidates in municipal

Christophe Castaner, the delegate general of La Republique en marche, September 14 in Paris.

“Le Monde” has obtained the document which lists the criteria required by the presidential majority to benefit from its support during the municipal elections of 2020.

On what criteria will the Republic on the Move (LRM) agree to grant its nomination to candidates from other formations for the next municipal elections?

After working on this topic for several months, the movement chaired by Christophe Castaner has formalized in a document of four pages – that Le Monde has procured – the conditions required to enjoy the support of the presidential majority in the 2020 ballot.

In this “circular”, LRM specifies the three main “commitments” to be made by any candidate from the Republican Party (LR) or the Socialist Party (PS).

Under the “political logic”, “any candidate who has supported a competing list” in the European elections scheduled for May 2019 “can not get the support of LRM in municipal elections,” it says. One way to avoid crumbling in the European and skim before the municipal. For, if moderate right elected members, belonging to the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) or the party Agir, constitute their own list for the European as some aspire, they will not be able to wear macronistic colors a year more late to the municipal ones.

No prior membership to LRM

Second condition: “Put at a distance with any movement or party declared opposition to the presidential majority. After initially demanding that the adherents join LRM in order to claim the head of state, the presidential party is no longer a prerequisite.

An elected LR wishing to benefit from the investiture of the presidential majority will not necessarily have to leave his party of origin, but only “put away”. The Macronist training wants to open its doors widely, while pushing every candidate from elsewhere to choose a camp so that LRM can .

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