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The Saxony police dismantle a neo-Nazi group that was planning an attack

Police intervened when investigators learned that militants had procured semi-automatic weapons and planned to take action on October 3.

The small group was called Revolution Chemnitz. Its members planned, according to the investigators, “the overthrow of the Federal Republic of Germany”, scheduled for October 3, National Day. They were arrested on Monday 1 October by the Saxony police. The seven suspected extreme right-wing terrorists planned “violent attacks and armed attacks against foreigners and political enemies,” the federal prosecutor’s office said.

Police escort a Revolution Chemnitz member in front of the Attorney General’s office in Karslruhe on 1 October.

According to the first elements of the investigation, all the suspects belonged to the neo-Nazi, skinhead and hooligan circles of Chemnitz and its region. One of the arrested men was already a member of the Nazi group Sturm 34, banned ten years ago for causing several incidents in the region. All the arrested suspects were from Saxony and had a regular job.

“People’s Army”

They apparently wanted to provoke more terror than the neo-Nazi organization Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (NSU), also from Saxony, convicted in 2018 for taking part in ten murders, three bombings and a dozen robbery of banks in Germany between 2000 and 2007.

For Revolution Chemnitz, who considered himself to be the elite of Saxony’s far-right violent scene, NSU was a “gang of amateurs”. The group predicted, in its own words, violent attacks against “the media dictatorship and its slaves”. Politicians, journalists and prominent civil society figures committed to freedom and the rule of law had to be targeted. The police intervened when the investigators heard that the militants had procured semi-automatic weapons and intended to take action on 3 October.

Revolution Chemnitz first drew the attention of the police on September 14th, at the end …

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