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UK Minister of Brexit: “Everyone must be part of the way”

British Minister Dominic Raab warns Europeans against the failure of EU exit negotiations.

We are near the goal. The ball is in your camp, Europeans from the mainland. It’s up to you to take the last step, if you want to avoid the impasse. A few weeks before the Brexit negotiations – November – two days before the informal EU summit in Salzburg (Austria), Brexit’s new British minister, Dominic Raab, sent this message in essence. of an interview granted Monday, September 17, in London, to several correspondents of the foreign written press.

Brexit Minister Dominic Raab arrives at the residence of Prime Minister Theresa May in London on September 13th.

Raab, 44, was named in July after David Davis stepped down, opposed to Theresa May’s “Checkers Plan”. This proposal, adopted by the government on July 6 from the campaign residence of British Prime Minister Checkers, provides for the continuation of the single European market for goods.

After having long campaigned for a “hard Brexit” – a clear break with the European Union (EU) – this is the brilliant lawyer responsible for negotiating the moderate version for which finally Theresa May opted, after having met the unanimous refusal Twenty-Seven of “cherry picking” by London benefits from the EU.

“We have made compromises and shown ambition,” says the minister, drawing argument from the sling of the Conservative Party’s Europhobes. Around former prime minister Boris Johnson, they said they would reject the “Checkers plan” in Parliament. “The EU must do the same. We need the same ambition and the same pragmatism on both sides. Everyone must be part of the way. ”

While the EU is sharply critical of the British Prime Minister’s proposals, which distinguish between goods – maintained in the European internal market – and services – on which London would be free to “diverge” – Mr Raab presents them as an ultimate possibility before .

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