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Unedic: Prime Minister Invites Debt In Debate

By estimating, during the “Political Emission”, Wednesday, that this device can be envisaged, Edouard Philippe irritated the unions.

Edouard Philippe invited himself in the negotiations on the reform of unemployment insurance even before they started. During the “Political Emission” on France 2, the Prime Minister said Thursday, September 27, that the degression of allowances, paid to job seekers, may be “in some cases (…) considered.” An intervention that raises the eyebrows of union leaders and employers, already unwilling to engage in discussions designed to review the conditions of compensation for the unemployed.

Edouard Philippe, during the “Political Emission” on France 2, on September 27th.

For the head of government, introducing “a form of degressivity can make sense”, for people seeking a job, who have “very strong employability (…), who have very high wages.” This option is not included in the framework document that the executive sent to the social partners in order to outline the main orientations of the reform. But it is there in watermark, since it is question of recasting a device which does not take into account the “differences of capacity to find a job”.

In other words, the highly qualified unemployed, who are supposed to be able to rebound quickly in the labor market, would be subject to stricter rules. “We put on the table a number of tracks that we think are reasonable (…), the social partners will discuss,” added Mr. Philippe. No injunction, therefore, but her statement is a little more directive than that of Muriel PĂ©nicaud: the Minister of Labor has, several times, indicated that the government did not have to dictate solutions.

“Duality of the labor market”

The general secretary of FO, Pascal Pavageau, fumes against the exit of Mr. Philippe: “If it is an attempt to put pressure on us when we are going to open the negotiation, that’s fine! We are not sub-contractors of the government ….

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