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Universal income activity, a novelty that questions

French President Emmanuel Macron gestures as he delivers a speech on poverty to social aid workers in Paris, France, September 13, 2018. Picture taken September 13, 2018.

The measure proposed by Emmanuel Macron to fight against poverty raises many questions and leaves the associative actors skeptical

A new acronym will be added to the list, already well supplied, social benefits: RUA, for universal income activity. This is one of the main measures of the anti-poverty plan unveiled Thursday (September 13th) by Emmanuel Macron. This announcement is part of the desire, expressed by the executive for several months, to merge solidarity benefits.

The goal of the head of state is to “renovate our system of social minima” described as a “maquis” whose “opacity” feeds “the throbbing discourse on profiteers” and excludes people even though they have law. The URA must therefore include “the largest number of social benefits, from RSA to LPAs”. It will be accompanied by “additional rights and duties”: recipients will benefit from enhanced support through the establishment of a “public integration service”, of which the State will be “responsible”; at the same time, they will be required to engage in an “insertion path” which “prevents the refusal of more than two reasonable offers of employment or activity”.

This device has little to do with the universal income promised by Benoît Hamon during the presidential campaign: the socialist candidate proposed, he, to establish an income granted to anyone of at least 18 years, gaining less 1.9 smic per month, and without having to take any steps. Moreover, Mr. Hamon criticized Thursday, Mr. Macron “singer” his ideas.

“No hidden intention”

Redesign of social minima will be included in a draft law, in 2020, after consultation “with all stakeholders” (local authorities, associations …). It promises to be complicated to implement. On the “technical” level, it’s a “colossal project”, says Julien Damon, associate professor at.

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