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Unpublished punishment against an anti-Semitic European official

The European Commission, Brussels.

Stefan G. called a colleague a “dirty Jew” in July in a street in Brussels.

The Criminal Court of Brussels has imposed a new sentence and wants to be exemplary with regard to a European official indicted for anti-Semitic acts. In a judgment issued on September 21 and published this week, the court told Stefan G., a Maltese national, that his conviction for incitement to hatred and assault would be suspended for three years, provided he performs a job. volunteer in an association or organization fighting racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination, hatred or violence against persons of Jewish faith. He will also be supervised by a probation commission.

It was on the evening of July 16, 2015, in the European district of Brussels. The 50-year-old European civil servant celebrated a birthday and walks around with a license plate marked “Mussolini” in his hands. Arrested by another official, present at a terrace, which tells him that, “still, Mussolini was a dictator,” the man gets angry, strikes, treats the lady as “dirty Jewish” and claims that “all Jews should have been killed. He also tries to strangle her.

The facts will be confirmed by a witness. A person who was with the official – who is also a representative of a European staff union – will say that Stefan G. was drunk and grabbed the plate of one of his Italian friends, sympathizing with fascism.

Relayed by the press, the case will lead to a criminal trial and the opening by the European Commission of an administrative investigation. It will also include three emails of intimidation that the victim will receive. Stefan G. will deny being the author.

“Enlightenment values”

In its judgment, the court refers to “serious and inadmissible facts in a state of law based on values of the …

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