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While Olympique Lyonnais have been sanctioned with an in-camera match in European competition, the club makes its case for the call.

OL’s arguments to avoid the lock-up in the Champions League

At the end of August, after witnessing several incidents and racist attitudes during the match against CSKA Moscow on 15 March, UEFA condemned Olympique Lyonnais to two European in-camera matches, one of which was closed and the other suspended during two years, and a fine of 100,000 euros. The match concerned by this closed session should be the one between OL and Chakhtar Donetsk, as part of the group stage of the Champions League. The club appealed the decision, but the procedure is not suspensive.

Xavier Pierrot, stadium manager of the club, argues the arguments that will be defended in front of UEFA during the call: “We have legal arguments, the most serious incidents are the attacks on the police who took place on the way outside the stadium, we did all we could to help law enforcement, identify people and exclude them for incidents outside our control zone. heard by UEFA and that will win, because if they feel that we are responsible for what happens outside the stadium, we can have a new closed session.These incidents can happen at any time in this place whatever the club faces “.

Regarding the acts of racism noted, Xavier Pierrot ensures that the incident was controlled quickly “It remains the fact that a person showed a banner with a skull SS for ten seconds, before being spotted. was not one of our subscribers, he was expelled from the stadium for life, we do not go in camera for a flag that is removed quickly, we are clearly sentenced on the facts outside. ” The club now hopes for a quick decision from UEFA and will submit its arguments on Monday.

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