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Wind slings of local elected officials against the executive

At the Congress of Regions of France, Edouard Philippe asked the associations not to break the dialogue.

Between the thousand elected local – mayors, presidents of department or region – gathered Wednesday, September 26 in Marseille in the auditorium of the Palais du Pharo, and the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, who addressed them Thursday morning, there is a gulf of misunderstanding. Like they do not speak the same language. As if two legitimacies clashed. At the risk of leading to the paralysis of public action.

Edouard Philippe, the prime minister, at the Congress of Regions of France regions, on September 27, in Marseille.

“We are not state operators but elected representatives of universal suffrage. All the levers of transformation of France rest on shared competences State-collectivities. We demand a shared agenda of reforms, “proclaims the” Marseille call for local freedoms “, signed by some 1,200 elected representatives, including almost all the presidents of region and department. “I do not deny the scale of the transformations we are undertaking. What do you want, we have been mandated to drive them. So we lead them, “the head of the government told them in his speech.

Wednesday evening’s rally, beyond the long lament and the recriminations accumulated against the “recentralizing State” and the “technostructure”, sometimes had the appearance of revenge of the “old world” against the “New”. Now united in a joint association – the United Territories -, the three associations of so-called historic elected – Association of Mayors of France (AMF), Assembly of the departments of France (ADF) and Regions of France -, supported by a president LR of the Senate, Gerard Larcher, to the best of his ability, challenge the government and pose as defenders of democracy face “valuable ridiculous returns to business,” says the president of the ADF, Dominique Bussereau, very up against the “technocrats Paris “.

“Absolute solidarity”

“We are in a meeting …

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